Recent Complaints for 623 area code for Arizona

623-999-2705 has been reported by FYI on Fri Mar 20, 2015


623-986-4485 has been reported by NOTbuyingJACKSshit on Sat Jul 10, 2010

just got off the phone with Mr. Jack West... I ain't buying into his [***] now...  thanks for these posts...  googled him right up...  prick

623-986-4485 has been reported by dd on Thu Jul 08, 2010 January 21, 2010 - Thursday   Please BEWARE ........................................ Don’t ever make the same mistake that I made and most importantly never deal with a guy named Jack West from Phoenix, AZ...who has a supposed company ‘backend productions’.  So many warning signs and I knew in the back of my head the entire time that going to Phoenix was a mistake but I didn’t listen to my gut instinct. From the beginning...I get an email a few months back in September. The name of this adult industry version of a hot jobs that I have a profile with is connected with the email. Hey we saw your ad and we are very interested in working with you…we start scenes at $1200, and so on. So being that attached to the email is the name of this industry website, I give him my number. Warning sign #1…$1200 start for a scene. I don’t hear from him for a bit after I send him a reply, whatever. Then he calls one day and we chat, discuss the details…you know limitations, pay, AIM, etc. So I am feeling pretty confident about this guy...seems like he’s really excited and his production company wants to work with me.  Just didn’t have the funds to make it out to AZ. So we go back and forth for a couple of months…mostly, phone calls…warning sign #2. And I am really debating to take the chance on trusting this person and going out there. He tells me that he can use for like 5 or 6 scenes in a 3 day period. So I ask for references. He proceeds to send me a link to a website that is a pay per video/DVD site. Warning sign #3…not a very lucrative reference for a production company that is supposedly filming a lot of content all the time. Also...googling his name and his company brought back NOTHING….warning sign #4. When  we had talked, I asked him how much time in advance that he would need to know that I was planning on coming out and he told me a week. Warning sign #5…how would he need less than a weeks notice to set up shoots, especially like for 5 or 6 scenes? But even despite these signs and a few people telling me he was full of [***], I still kept in contact. It was lot of money offered and I am really trying to change my life around and move to CA to get a career going for myself…I thought that this would be a good start. So a few weeks go by and I ignore his phone calls for the most part because I didn’t have the money and I just had iffy feelings about this guy. So I am visiting CA and I get a phone call from Jack West. Hey I see that you are in CA…I had a girl flake out on me for next week and have 3 days open to shoot…would you want to take her spot? Hmmmm…I have the money and I am not as far from AZ in CA. That should be warning sign #6…calling me out of the blue when he sees I am in CA and just randomly having an opening…. Which later on come to find out the girl hadn’t flaked. Her agent found out what Jack was up to and called his bluff. And this was only after another girl of the agent’s ended up going out there and Jack never showed up to meet her. Wish I would have cross checked with the agent after Jack mentioned the agent’s name to me several times. I wasn’t really on speaking terms with the agent per say and I think Jack knew this and took advantage. Warning sign #7 by the way. Anyways, I go over everything with Jack one more time before I make a decision. He tells me what type of scenes I’d be doing and the pay and that I’d get reimbursed for the flight and hotel after the shoot (Hotel and flight reimbursement too good to be true…warning sign #8…reimburse after the shoot). He was even talking about scenes that he had been shooting the past week. So I am thinking sweet deal and money in my pocket…let’s book this. So I get a flight and I get a hotel room, mind you spending what little dough I have left….DUMB! I get picked up to go to the airport at like 4:30am to make my 6:45am flight because Jack wanted me in Phoenix at 9-9:30. He was very adamant on me checking into my hotel room early, which I wasn’t even able to because AZ is in peak tourist season in January. No biggie I guess, I’ll just check in whenever shooting is wrapped up that day. Anyways, totally exhausted when I get there because I hardly got any sleep the night before (Tequila Tuesday) and I was a little nervous on top of that. Get there…get my bags and call Jack. No answer. OH GREAT…here we go! My gut was right the entire time. A few minutes pass and I get a text…I am at the hospital with a family member (which I am betting was a lie)…try to check into your hotel early and let me know when you get there. Cannot check in early…tried to make sure again and it was a NO. Awesome…now what? I tell him I can’t check-in until 3 and he seemed to be not too concerned. So I asked if I had any shoots that afternoon. He told me he didn’t know yet and if not, definitely the next morning…warning sign #9. So I end up sitting at Sky Harbor Airport for a good long 5 hours until I could check-in. The time rolls around for me to make it over to the hotel to check-in and I get a text. Conveniently he is done at the hospital just about the same time I am able to check-in to room…warning sign #10. Get to the hotel and he was like I will be there in 45 minutes…clean up and put one of those slutty outfits on for me. Oh great showbiz…as we like to call it...SO NOT DOWN WITH SHOWBIZ. I don’t listen about the outfit, but I did clean up because I knew he’d want to see the goods at least and I was a wreck from my awesome morning I had. So he gets there and we chit chat and make small talk and talk about the shoots and the scenes and all that stuff. So after everything I ask him what time in the morning I would need to be ready to go and he tells me 10am. Still just have like a [***] feeling about this guy…if not more than ever now. By the way…has a Boston accent, short, not fat but not fit, blondish shaved/balding head, was wearing glasses, very Irish looking and has tattoo of clover on right wrist along with other stupid tattoos all over. Wake up and get ready…10 rolls around…no Jack West. So I call him…no answer. Text him…no answer. My gut and everyone was right about this [***]…I have been conned and have been completely taken advantage of…son of a [***]. I should have listened! You know…all I wanted was to get some more work under my belt and some money in my pocket to try and move into my new life plans…instead I got screwed over and spent 2 days in an awful hotel room in AZ. Learn from my mistake and never trust anyone! And always make sure that these guys are 110% legit. It was a tough lesson but a lesson learned. Read more:

623-986-4485 has been reported by dd on Sat May 20, 2017 $850, Sig Sauer P226 .40 cal posted: July 3, 2010, 04:17 AM Reply: click here I have a brand new Sig Sauer P226 chambered in .40cal, with integrated light rail. Gun had 25 rounds fired through it. Only reason im selling it is because I'm a left handed shooter, and don't care for the de-cocker. These guns have legendary reputations as being proven combat handguns, and will last many many years. Gun comes with 3 magazines, and Streamlight TLR1 light. Sorry pics arent the beast taken with cell phone. Will take trade for a solid bolt gun w/scope in .270 or better. Also will trade for good bird hunting 12 gauge shotgun. Please no junk offers 850.00 OBO Tom 623-986-4485 85345    google map | yahoo map • Location: Peoria,AZ • Post ID: 10412339 Email this ad to a friend

623-986-4485 has been reported by dd on Thu Jul 08, 2010

I'm posting this for everyone to read: And if you want to give that number a call (or justme, you should beat the [***] out of him): From Mark Lasts: I received 3 reports from female adult performers who I know and have worked with that the following person and production company in Phoenix, Arizona has scammed and on the most recent occasion lured the girl into sex under false pretenses Jack Weston BackEnd Productions 623-986-4485 [email , protected] Jack Weston contacted these girls directly, claiming to know me personally and to have worked with me to successfully book girls on his projects. Based on his gaining their confidence, he has induced 3 girls into buying plane tickets to Phoenix, Arizona and renting a hotel room at their own expense with the promise he would repay for the expenses on arrival, and he furthermore agreed to film and pay them a large amount for their performance in a package of adult hardcore scenes with various male talent. I succeeded at the beginning of this week in confronting him about this scam and false pretence before a girl got on a plane to fly to him. have contacted him directly, demanding restitution for this girl's plane ticket, but he basically argued that he's legit and refused to pay. But I've just been informed today by another girl today that she flew to him, and has become a victim. Once the girl arrived and checked into their hotel rooms, Weston arrived and convinced the girl to have preliminary sex with him. He then left the hotel room, telling the girl he would return to take her to the shoot location. Weston never returned and avoided all further attempts by these girl to contact him. If anyone has any knowledge of how I can locate Jack Weston and/or BackEnd Productions at an address or determine his legal identity, please let me know. __________________

623-984-6541 has been reported by none given on Wed Mar 14, 2012

been slammed by this number every day for over a week now. doesn't do any good to answer, apparently they don't have their "robo solicitor timer" synchronized to actually speak to whomever answers. I just let it go to machine now.  Bet they don't get much business :>,

623-980-6361 has been reported by ed on Fri Jul 31, 2009

Okay, now I've had some weird phone calls in my life, but the recent one really takes the cake. I answer the phone about an hour ago and there is this guy on the other end who starts singing "The Good Ship Lollipop". This Bozo sings it all the way through. After he's done, he proceeds to try and sell me a new engine for my truck. Says he owns this place called Engines For Less in Glendale Arizone. he even takes the time to tell me I can ger free towing because they offer free towing threw out Arizona. I hear some noise in the background and ask what the noise is. This screwball says he's whackin' off....... WTF????

623-980-4403 has been reported by NoMoreCallsPlease on Fri Jan 16, 2009

Someone at this number keeps calling us and claiming to have dialed a wrong number, then hanging up.  The area code is several hundred miles from us, and we know no-one in that area.

623-980-3043 Is a Telemarketer as reported by cd on Tue Oct 16, 2012

Robo-dialed recorded message for SEO 'get us on the front page of Google..  Blah, blah, blah. If you are a sucker, press one, if you think there is the slightest chance we will stop calling you, press 9.

623-980-3043 has been reported by rich on Sat Oct 13, 2012

person is calling to rent a limobus from me but I do not have a name yet and they are not answering my calls. strange....

623 Area Code In Arizona

Exchanges In 623 Area Code In Arizona

Phone NumberStateCarrierLine TypeWire Center
623-201-0000AZXO ARIZONA INCLand LinePhoenix
623-202-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-203-0000AZNEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS LLCWirelessPhoenix-main
623-207-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGoodyear-coldwater
623-208-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-210-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-211-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-212-0000AZNETWORK SERVICES LLCPaging SystemPhoenix-main
623-214-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineBeardsley
623-217-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-221-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-222-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineBeardsley
623-229-0000AZNEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS LLCWirelessPhoenix-main
623-234-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-236-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-237-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-238-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-239-0000AZT-MOBILE USA INCWirelessTempe
623-240-0000AZXO ARIZONA INCLand LinePhoenix
623-242-0000AZLEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS LLC - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-243-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-245-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-maryvale
623-247-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-maryvale
623-249-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-251-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-252-0000AZLEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS LLC - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-255-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-256-0000AZCOX ARIZONA TELCOM INC - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-258-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-261-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-262-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-266-0000AZCOX ARIZONA TELCOM INC - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-271-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-293-0000AZAT&T LOCAL - NYLand LinePhoenix-main
623-297-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-298-0000AZXO ARIZONA INCLand LinePhoenix
623-302-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-311-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-321-0000AZPAC-WEST TELECOMM INC - AZLand LinePhoenix-main
623-322-0000AZCOX ARIZONA TELCOM INC - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-326-0000AZT-MOBILE USA INCWirelessTempe
623-327-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineBuckeye
623-328-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineWintersberg
623-330-0000AZT-MOBILE USA INCWirelessTempe
623-332-0000AZT-MOBILE USA INCWirelessTempe
623-333-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineTolleson
623-334-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-peoria
623-340-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-341-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-362-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineAgua Fria-sunrise
623-363-0000AZNEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS LLCWirelessPhoenix-main
623-374-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineBlack Canyon City
623-376-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineAgua Fria-sunrise
623-377-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS (VAW) LLC - NDWirelessPhoenix
623-386-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineBuckeye
623-388-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineCircle City
623-393-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineWintersberg
623-398-0000AZXO ARIZONA INCLand LinePhoenix
623-399-0000AZT-MOBILE USA INCWirelessTempe
623-411-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-412-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-peoria
623-414-0000AZINTEGRA TELECOM - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-432-0000AZNEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS INCWirelessPhoenix
623-433-0000AZNEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS INCWirelessPhoenix
623-434-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-435-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-445-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-451-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-455-0000AZLEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS LLC - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-463-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-465-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineNew River
623-466-0000AZCOX ARIZONA TELCOM INC - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-474-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-476-0000AZMCIMETRO ATS INCLand LinePhoenix
623-478-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineTolleson
623-486-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-peoria
623-487-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-peoria
623-492-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-511-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-512-0000AZINTEGRA TELECOM - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-516-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-518-0000AZMCIMETRO ATS INCLand LinePhoenix
623-521-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-523-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-mid Rivers
623-533-0000AZSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessPhoenix
623-535-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineLitchfield Park
623-536-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineLitchfield Park
623-537-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineAgua Fria-sunrise
623-544-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineBeardsley
623-546-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineBeardsley
623-547-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineLitchfield Park
623-551-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-552-0000AZT-MOBILE USA INCWirelessTempe
623-555-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-556-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineBeardsley
623-561-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineAgua Fria-sunrise
623-565-0000AZINTEGRA TELECOM - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-566-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineAgua Fria-sunrise
623-570-0000AZT-MOBILE USA INCWirelessTempe
623-572-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineAgua Fria-sunrise
623-580-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-581-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-582-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-583-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-mid Rivers
623-584-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineBeardsley
623-587-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-594-0000AZCOX ARIZONA TELCOM INC - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-606-0000AZNEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS LLCWirelessPhoenix-main
623-611-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-628-0000AZT-MOBILE USA INCWirelessTempe
623-640-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-643-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-peoria
623-670-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-680-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-687-0000AZMCIMETRO ATS INCLand LinePhoenix
623-688-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS (VAW) LLC - NDWirelessPhoenix
623-691-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-maryvale
623-692-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS (VAW) LLC - NDWirelessPhoenix
623-693-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS (VAW) LLC - NDWirelessPhoenix
623-694-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS (VAW) LLC - NDWirelessPhoenix
623-695-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS (VAW) LLC - NDWirelessPhoenix
623-696-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS (VAW) LLC - NDWirelessPhoenix
623-698-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS (VAW) LLC - NDWirelessPhoenix
623-700-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-703-0000AZT-MOBILE USA INCWirelessTempe
623-711-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-734-0000AZMCIMETRO ATS INCLand LinePhoenix
623-738-0000AZLEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS LLC - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-742-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineNew River
623-748-0000AZLEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS LLC - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-764-0000AZNEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS INCWirelessPhoenix
623-772-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-bethany West
623-773-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-peoria
623-776-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-peoria
623-780-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-806-0000AZGILA LOCAL EXCHANGE CARRIER INC - AZLand LineLone Butte-chandler
623-810-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-811-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-815-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-mid Rivers
623-825-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineAgua Fria-sunrise
623-826-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-842-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-845-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-maryvale
623-846-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-maryvale
623-847-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-848-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-maryvale
623-849-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-maryvale
623-853-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineWhite Tanks
623-856-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineLitchfield Park
623-866-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-maryvale
623-869-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-871-0000AZUSA MOBILITY WIRELESS INCPaging SystemPhoenix
623-872-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-bethany West
623-873-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-maryvale
623-875-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-mid Rivers
623-876-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-mid Rivers
623-877-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-bethany West
623-878-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-peoria
623-879-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineDeer Valley-north
623-880-0000AZNETWORK SERVICES LLCPaging SystemPhoenix-main
623-882-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGoodyear-coldwater
623-889-0000AZINTEGRA TELECOM - AZLand LinePhoenix
623-907-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineTolleson
623-910-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe
623-911-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-915-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-925-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGoodyear-coldwater
623-930-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-931-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-932-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGoodyear-coldwater
623-933-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-mid Rivers
623-934-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-935-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineLitchfield Park
623-936-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineTolleson
623-937-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-939-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineGlendale-main
623-950-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-958-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-959-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-972-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-mid Rivers
623-974-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-mid Rivers
623-975-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LineBeardsley
623-976-0000AZMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
623-977-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-mid Rivers
623-979-0000AZQWEST CORPORATIONLand LinePhoenix-peoria
623-980-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS (VAW) LLC - NDWirelessPhoenix
623-986-0000AZVERIZON WIRELESS - AZWirelessTempe