Recent Complaints for 551 area code for New Jersey

551-998-8095 has been reported by Rafa on Thu Mar 01, 2012

Yo igual ayer recibi y hoy que estoy marcando a ese numero no me entra!!!!!

551-998-6506 has been reported by Faith on Wed Jun 27, 2012

Called but restricted.Texting my cousin for fb name &, location.

551-996-8736 has been reported by grandma on Tue Feb 25, 2014

Received call from 201-336-8736 saying there were outstanding tickets. When asked who they were looking for, caller got nasty and said you need to pay these tickets.  When I asked who this was got same reply.  Finally, I hung up.  When I called the number back I got message the phone no. had been changed to 551-996-8736.

551-996-2000 Is a Survey as reported by FiOS-Dave on Fri Apr 24, 2015

This is a legitimate exchange for Hackensack Hospital in NJ.

551-996-2000 has been reported by Henri on Mon Sep 02, 2013

Receieved call from this number shows up as HACKENSACK  UNIV.No message left.

551-996-2000 has been reported by Brian on Wed Jul 17, 2013

another call from 551.996.2000........doesn't look familiar......I don't answer it......plain and message....

551-996-2000 has been reported by Bruce on Wed Apr 24, 2013

Received multiple calls but I didn't have my phone. No voice mail message and researched number came up a hospital in NJ but I don't know anyone in a hospital. Wrong Number?

551-946-2856 has been reported by Jimmy on Tue May 01, 2012

same creepy "goodbye" and unable to call back

551-946-2856 has been reported by disguy1982 on Tue May 01, 2012

same creepy "goodbye" here and i'm on an iphone. is there any possibility that data can be captured from the phone by simply answering a call?

551-946-2856 has been reported by itsame on Sun Apr 29, 2012

Same creepy goodbye.  No smart phone but cell phone.  Called back to get a busy signal.

551-946-2856 has been reported by Snakefart on Sun Apr 29, 2012

Same creepy "Goodbye" when I called back. I wish there was a way to find out if they captured any personal info when we all called. Just curious, I recieved the call on my iPhone..wondering if anyone else is on a smarty phone?

551 Area Code In New Jersey

Exchanges In 551 Area Code In New Jersey

Phone NumberStateCarrierLine TypeWire Center
551-200-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-206-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-208-0000NJNEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS LLC - DCWirelessRochelle Park-bldg 2
551-211-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-226-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-265-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-311-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-333-0000NJSIMLAB COMMUNICATIONS LLC - NJLand LineLittle Ferry
551-411-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-427-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-482-0000NJNEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS LLC - DCWirelessRochelle Park-bldg 2
551-486-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-497-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-511-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-555-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-574-0000NJNEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS LLC - DCWirelessRochelle Park-bldg 2
551-579-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-580-0000NJNEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS LLC - DCWirelessRochelle Park-bldg 2
551-611-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-655-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-689-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-697-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-700-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-711-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-795-0000NJVERIZON WIRELESS - NJWirelessJersey City
551-804-0000NJSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessTeterboro
551-811-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-911-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-950-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-958-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-959-0000NJMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
551-976-0000NJBROADVIEW NETWORKS INC - NJLand LineNewark-market St
551-990-0000NJVERIZON NEW JERSEY INCLand LineOdd Ball
551-996-0000NJTELEPORT COMMUNICATIONS GROUP - NEW YORK - NJLand LineRochelle Park-bldg 2