Recent Complaints for 442 area code for California

442-999-6352 Is a Debt Collector as reported by Callblocker on Sun Aug 24, 2014

This is a collection agency. OUT OF AREA (Caller ID Name) Source Receivables Management (Source RM), LLC Corporate Headquarters 4615 Dundas Drive, Suite 102 Greensboro, NC  27407-1761 (442) 999-6352 (Caller ID No.) (202) 559-6082 (Alternate No.) (202) 909-1820 (Alternate No.) (203) 848-6463 (Alternate No.) (206) 858-9046 (Alternate No.) (210) 598-5974 (Alternate No.) (213) 291-0287 (Alternate No.) (224) 220-3800 (Alternate No.) (253) 292-6805 (Alternate No.) (262) 584-4992 (Alternate No.) (303) 558-6930 (Alternate No.) (313) 346-5881 (Alternate No.) (314) 596-0865 (Alternate No.) (317) 497-0286 (Alternate No.) (317) 999-6278 (Alternate No.) (321) 578-3705 (Alternate No.) (336) 553-1430 (Alternate No.) (360) 369-6356 (Alternate No.) (386) 742-6201 (Alternate No.) (402) 881-8871 (Alternate No.) (405) 275-4394 (Alternate No.) (405) 529-5354 (Alternate No.) (406) 552-0345 (Alternate No.) (435) 226-0382 (Alternate No.) (440) 398-2007 (Alternate No.) (505) 359-6461 (Alternate No.) (516) 570-9614 (Alternate No.) (516) 926-5105 (Alternate No.) (518) 621-5475 (Alternate No.) (601) 724-3302 (Alternate No.) (609) 318-6371 (Alternate No.) (616) 988-0606 (Alternate No.) (616) 988-2893 (Alternate No.) (617) 517-5129 (Alternate No.) (678) 392-3397 (Alternate No.) (702) 359-9679 (Alternate No.) (712) 560-3561 (Alternate No.) (720) 496-4569 (Alternate No.) (757) 656-3636 (Alternate No.) (802) 222-2809 (Alternate No.) (850) 262-9421 (Alternate No.) (856) 200-8838 (Alternate No.) (856) 581-8049 (Alternate No.) (857) 214-3967 (Alternate No.) (908) 636-6672 (Alternate No.) (913) 535-1535 (Alternate No.) (919) 629-8554 (Alternate No.) (336) 386-3111 (Office No.) (866) 266-3111 (Office No.) Add this number, and all other alternate numbers that they call on, to your call blocker.

442-999-6352 has been reported by help on Fri Nov 16, 2012

Source RM debt collector. robo call other numbers that will show up too is 925-234-9475 plus 442-999-6352. Im sure there are more numbers.

442-999-6352 has been reported by helping on Fri Nov 16, 2012

It is a robo call for Source RM. Debt collector

442-999-6352 has been reported by on Wed Oct 10, 2012

Who or whatever called from this number did not leave a message.

442-999-2970 has been reported by DGC on Fri May 16, 2014

I re-registered on the ‘National Do Not Call Registry’ on May 1st 2014 but am still getting these annoying phone calls. I have since used my Caller ID, when I see who it is from I don’t pick up. It seems like I am getting more calls now than I did before. This is just one of many, I am going to start sending this message every time I get one of these calls. Thank you

442-999-2970 has been reported by Marianne on Sun May 11, 2014

Did not answer. No message left. CID:  Unknown Name

442-999-2970 has been reported by M on Mon Feb 17, 2014

They called here too. Thanks for the explaining.

442-999-2970 Is a Telemarketer as reported by nancy on Thu Feb 13, 2014

quit calling...telemarketer in Encenada down by Mexico wanting money.  Don't send any!!

442-999-2970 Is a Non-profit Organization as reported by Lisa on Thu Feb 06, 2014

Just received a call from some guy stating he's from the Fraternal Order of Police Officers. They are raising money for officers and their families injured in the line of duty. They will be sending me a packet and wanted to know if they can count on my support.  Little did the caller know I put it on mute and speaker phone before walking away to continue what I was doing. I figured the longer I kept him on the line that would be less time he'd have to call someone else tonight.  Now that I think about it I should have played along to keep him on longer and given an address to the local police department so he could mail his packet to me there.  I must have to jot their address down now that I think about it.

442-999-2969 Is a Telemarketer as reported by xcop on Sun Jan 12, 2014

The caller indicated that he was calling for the F.O.P. (Fraternal Order of Police) Wanted donation. The call originated from N San Diego County. I advised him I was a former member of Lodge 20. That seemed to end the conversation. I don't know if it was a scam to procure a credit card # or if it was credible. My advise: don't give anyone any of your personal information or credit card, bank account info. over the phone.

442-999-2969 has been reported by Luken on Tue Jan 07, 2014

some strange guy calls and tells you the phone call will be recorded and he speaks so fast it is very hard to understand what is he is saying something about police that sounds more like a criminal! rude and scary. Probably a fraud or scam!

442-999-2969 has been reported by Sandra on Sun Jan 05, 2014

Received call as soon as you say hello they hang up

442 Area Code In California

Exchanges In 442 Area Code In California

Phone NumberStateCarrierLine TypeWire Center
442-211-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-311-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-411-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-442-0000CAPACIFIC BELL TELEPHONELand LineVista-indiana St
442-511-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-555-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-611-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-700-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-711-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-730-0000CAVERIZON CALIFORNIA INC - CALand LineVictorville
442-811-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-911-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-950-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-958-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-959-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
442-973-0000CAVERIZON CALIFORNIA INC - CA (GTE)Land LinePalm Springs-east
442-976-0000CAMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball