Recent Complaints for 430 area code for Texas

430-963-0527 has been reported by Ima on Thu Apr 11, 2013

Got a call from this number today--CID said "name unavailable" .  My answering machine picked up. Caller hung up on my machine of course because that's what all these robo-tele-spoofers always do.  I'm blocking the number.

430-963-0527 has been reported by April on Thu Apr 11, 2013

Two calls today and nobody there when I answered.  I am on "do not call" list - which doesn't work. Caller ID said "no name found"

430-963-0527 Is a Prank Call as reported by Mike on Wed Apr 10, 2013

This is a spoofed number.  The number 963 is an invalid prefix for the 430 area code.  This is probably a prankster robocall.

430-936-8745 has been reported by Law Enforcement on Sun Aug 18, 2013

This number is associated with a wire transfer scam.  Please report to local law enforcement upon receiving calls from persons from this number.

430-896-3157 has been reported by MN resident on Fri Sep 17, 2010

I received a missed call from this number 430-896-3157 on 9/16/2010 at 10:25AM.  Can this get reported?  I wish I knew how he got my phone number.  Some Company obviously sold a list to him.

430-896-3157 has been reported by smudge MN on Thu Sep 16, 2010

Sept. 15, 2010 1st call was from a man sounding eastern decent, I hung up. 5:30, 2nd call I didn't answer 5:51

430-896-3157 Is a Telemarketer as reported by J. Jones on Wed Sep 15, 2010

Got a call from this #  - he said was from universal lending and I was pre approved for a loan, I said my # is on the do not call list and he continued to tell me about the loan until I repeated I was on the do not call list. He then hung up

430-896-3157 Is a Telemarketer as reported by John Crow on Fri Sep 03, 2010

This number keeps calling and no one is there, it's some kind of telemarker

430-896-3157 has been reported by Annie on Thu Sep 02, 2010

Called 3 times since yesterday.  One time I answered and couldn't understand anything. When I dialed back it said it was not a working number.

430-896-3157 has been reported by Mary on Fri Aug 06, 2010

has calle at least 1x a day since July 23- rings twice no answer, started when I got a collection call for my ex-husband

430-896-3157 has been reported by David on Fri Aug 06, 2010

Same thing here called a few moments ago.  Called this number back and got call couldn't be completed as dialed.

430-866-5295 Is a Telemarketer as reported by Pepper on Fri Apr 13, 2012

I have had numerous calls from this company and have asked them many times to please remove my name and number from their lists.... Let alone all the bogus emails... Canadian Pharmacy ?  and it's a number from Texas, I never realized we took Texas over...

430-862-9009 has been reported by PPatterson on Thu Mar 25, 2010

No message. They call several times a week and hang up.

430 Area Code In Texas

Exchanges In 430 Area Code In Texas

Phone NumberStateCarrierLine TypeWire Center
430-200-0000TXSPRINT SPECTRUM LPWirelessLongview
430-211-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-255-0000TXNEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS INCWirelessFarmers Branch
430-301-0000TXSOUTHWESTERN BELLLand LineTyler-lyric
430-311-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-411-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-511-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-555-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-558-0000TXUTEX COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION - TXLand LineLongview-plaza
430-559-0000TXUTEX COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION - TXLand LineLongview-plaza
430-611-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-700-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-711-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-811-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-911-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-950-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-958-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-959-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-965-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-966-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-968-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-969-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-970-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-971-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-973-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-974-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-976-0000TXMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
430-977-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-978-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-979-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-980-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-981-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-983-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-984-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-985-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-986-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-987-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-988-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-989-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-990-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-991-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-992-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-993-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-994-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-995-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-996-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-997-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemAthens
430-998-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview
430-999-0000TXDIGICOMM COMMUNICATIONS INCPaging SystemLongview