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330-341-4157 Is a Unknown as reported by person on Fri Mar 16, 2018

Called 3X in 10 minutes and when I called back said no working number

336-244-7541 Is a Scammer/Fraudster as reported by Scooter on Wed Mar 14, 2018

They call almost every day and I have done everything I can to legitimately get rid of them and the last call I was told to pay 58 and they will stop calling me

347-559-7835 Is a Scammer/Fraudster as reported by Bill G. on Mon Mar 12, 2018

Fake Bank Check Phishing Scam posing as buyer on Craigslist Wanted to send bank check for more than your item price then have you deliver some of the monies to a local contact since actor claimes to be out of state wants item A S A P and has A Mover in your town loading up actor s apartment for a move

980-422-9580 Is a Unknown as reported by Evileye on Sun Mar 11, 2018

Sends naked pics to phone numbers with fake photos and backpage info and porn movies

361-593-6344 Is a Collection Agency as reported by Rex on Fri Mar 09, 2018

This company has purchased old debt past 7 years old and tries strong arm tactics and threats to recover debt that has been written off and or charged off as part of a settlement Beware of these companies that do this sort of thing They purchase debt for pennies on the dollar and then make threats to try to recover the old debt Medical debt is a different animal in the finance world and it cannot ding your credit and once it s settled or charged off all collection efforts should stop by law They also cannot contact you via your employer i e calling you at work or calling your employer and telling them of your debt

208-813-9275 Is a Scammer/Fraudster as reported by NOPE on Fri Mar 09, 2018

This number called my and my husband claiming to need to reach me to clear up a discrepancy The same woman with the same message called my sister from a different number I called the number back and a man answered with This is Mr Smith I asked him the name of the company and the purpose of the company He refused to provide any information without me giving him my personal information When I refused he threatened to continue to bombard me with calls and my family with calls until I provided my information SCAM

612-205-9946 Is a Unknown as reported by Annoyed on Fri Mar 09, 2018

This number calls several times in a row without leaving a message Even at 7 30am WTF Blocked it so they can just keep calling and getting rejected Jackarses

914-499-8514 Is a Scammer/Fraudster as reported by abe linc on Thu Mar 08, 2018

Oh no A lawsuit has been filed in my name by the federal government I assume I am being sued but maybe they are suing someone on my behalf Gee I hope I don t lose any sleep over this And I hope none of you believe I will

336-662-9767 Is a Unknown as reported by Tim on Wed Mar 07, 2018

Called and dead air on the other end when answered

407-391-9524 Is a Scammer/Fraudster as reported by Dan on Mon Mar 05, 2018

This is a SCAM They claim to be the IRS and that there is a tax case against you they are full of B S DO NOT BELIEVE THEM Since they called me twice on one day and pissed me off by simply calling me and especially since I knew they were full of B S I called them back 28 times within an half an hour just to harass them I spoke to multiple people various times each time messing around with them and getting them pissed off The conversations got to where they were claiming that they would threaten me with arrest within 45 minutes I d be arrested by the FBI and they would sue me I mentioned to the little prick that it is hard to sue me when they were they ones who violated the Do Not Call Registry etc it was hilarious to annoy them When those tactics didn t work on me they started getting vulgar and thought that they could offend me by saying all sorts of nasty comments I just fired it right back at them and they eventually would hang up One of them actually was bold enough to say that he makes a lot of money scamming people that is who these low life s and dregs of society are simple trash After so many calls they stopped answering my calls Like I said they are a scam do not listen to their S

979-243-6426 Is a Unknown as reported by Don Johnson on Fri Mar 02, 2018

Received in email as spam Asked to call for a date Not even in my country

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